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Mobility & One’s Movement is at the heart of what we do. Based in the heart of Whangarei, Studio51 is the gym that is so much more. We believe fun coupled with outcomes is the order of the day.

Exercise doesn’t stop when you set foot outside the studio. Our videos help you keep your body safe, injury free and mobile as you train hard with Studio 51. As Whangarei’s leading personal training and gym space, we believe technique is critical to staying safe. Our ethos is simple – Mobility – Movement – Education. Through these three steps we help our clients achieve their wellbeing goals.

Keep on track between classes and PT sessions! Studio 51 Videos ensure you have easy to follow, educational steps in your exercise and wellbeing journey and can train safely whilst away from the fitness studio. Whangarei’s best personal trainers share their knowledge to ensure you achieve your best you.

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Do you have unexplained pain in the shoulder blades/upper thorax area? Need better shoulder mobility?

I went to see Nicci on my wife’s recommendation after developing extreme lumbar muscular pain.
As a 38 year old male, this is not something I would normally have made time for, but the results were remarkable.

Within 3 days I was completely pain free. I found Nicci very professional, first localising my pain and then taking me through some targeted stretching.

I strongly recommend seeing Nicci and taking her advice.

Ben Irwin