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Whangarei Personal Trainer: Nicci Maree

With Nicci, one training day is ever the same. Personable, mindful, and engaging- Nicci embodies to lead and inspire you to be your best self.

“I absolutely love my job and this way of training people. I really couldn’t be happier with where I am in this industry at the moment, and can’t wait to see how I develop in the future.” 

Nicci grew up on a dairy farm, West Whangarei since she was 4 years old. She’s proud to say she’s a born and bred Northland girl.

She undoubtedly lived an active lifestyle from a very young age being involved in many different sports, including netball, touch rugby, tennis, surfing, squash, badminton and basketball!

With a career in Planning, having worked at the local Council for a number of years as a Policy Planner, Nicci gave it her best; however, her heart has always been towards exercise and nutrition and never left her.

This passion for fitness has led her to embrace a big positive shift, where she pursued her studies in personal training.  Her love of exercise and health inspired her to take up an impressively wide range of education courses, including, Movement Coaching, Ph360 Health Coach, Certificate in Power Plate Training, and Loaded Movement. 

Move Better with Nicci

In an industry packed full of traditional personal trainers, Nicci is in a league of her own.

This is evident in the many different classes and workouts she has available for personal training and group fitness. This is to ensure her clients have fun, work up a sweat, and get the results they are after.

“I am known for my holistic approach in the personal training industry, as I don’t believe one size fits all, offering a multitude of fitness and wellness options for my clients. There is a focus on lifestyle rather than just exercise; along with genuine care and always wanting the best for my clients.”

She understands the difficulty and struggles of those living with ongoing pain and movement dysfunctions. Nicci uses her signature approach and a myofascial movement appraisal system, like a detective of the body to become attune to your body issues and work out what is going on.

Taking on a myofascial perspective means adopting a holistic way to ease tension and address pain within the body. Everything is connected. Nicci can take a look at your issues up close and help you challenge your body, for you to know which muscles may not be working, and which ones you may be overworking. She can even advise you on the appropriate body activation techniques to fire the right muscles and improve function.

Nicci can help you get on the right track. Her goal is to guide each client through select movements to keep them safe with the ultimate goal of being pain-free. Part of the journey in taking good care of ourselves is knowing what significant changes we can do to make a lasting impact on the wellness of our bodies.

Tackling ongoing pain through Movement

Ongoing pain has a way of seeping into our lives, the first obvious sign is pain and reduction in movement. After all, our bodies are designed to be active and mobile. Living with pain comes with many challenges and a host of health problems can arise if not dealt with early. Through healthy movement and exercise rehabilitation, one can start a well-intentioned journey to restore movement and function. Nicci understands pain, whether persistent, acute, or chronic, she can help plan a restorative individualised program for you to manage pain and improve movement.

“Clients come to me to move better, to be without pain. There are so many people living in pain, thinking that this is their new ‘normal’ – when it really shouldn’t be. Broken bodies can be helped – I want to be that person to help them reclaim the mobility, strength, and energy that is rightfully theirs.”

Heal your Body through Exercise Rehabilitation

Along with ongoing pain, our bodies can be plagued by a tandem of repetitive strains and movement dysfunctions. As a Movement Coach, Nicci can work with you in developing new ways towards greater function. Her movement coaching and exercise rehabilitation approach instills a better understanding of your body and what you are capable of on your own.

Create a new state of awareness, as Nicci will explain what movement-restrictive habits are causing harm and what you can do about it on your own terms. There’s always a strong education component in her movement sessions. It’s not just doing exercise rehabilitation on the fly, but understanding why doing these movements will lead to a better, stronger, mobile body.

The goal is to move forward with new stretches and better movements with fewer chances of injury and pain. The aim is for you to have a body that feels good inside and out. Nicci’s movement coaching approach aims for consistent and better movement for life and longevity.

“I was once in the ‘go hard or go home’ camp – I myself would exercise 2-3 times a day, and I’d give it everything. I would thrash my body – because that’s what I understood would get me results; I now know this may not have been the most sustainable approach for my body long term.”

I hope firstly that my clients see training with me as fun, varied, enjoyable and in a safe environment. When I start with a client I get to understand the person, their body, as well as the goals. If clients don’t see my personal training sessions as fun and enjoyable, then why would they return? Obviously everyone’s view of fun is different and regardless of this – results matter but it is very much important to me that we aren’t adding too much pressure and undoing the positive benefits of movement and exercise.

Even athletes that I train need to feel safe. Safe to understand what they share won’t go outside the four walls; safe to share their bodies niggles and their concerns. For you and I sometimes this feeling of safety goes further, to share our goals and everyday challenges and why we are seeking to admit to ourselves what our ‘why’ is for personal training.

Here at Studio 51, we are about the individual and not large faceless groups, where individuals melt into the background and there is no accountability. I get to dedicate my time with my clients and help understand their individual bodies.

Even in my small groups, you’d find that all six of them have the most different bodies. It’s a positively exhausting hour of my life, because I’ve got sometimes six different exercises to implement for each. By the end of the group class, you’re like, ‘Wow, that was such an intense hour because you’ve got six different personalities and six different bodies, and you still want to know how their bodies work, ‘  Can we look into this paragraph please.

It’s actually awesome to get different people to train, because it gives you varied knowledge on how to deal with different personalities, and knowing that each class will always be different, I really look forward to that.

We have that holistic approach, the fact that it’s about working with the clients and helping them achieve their goals. I take my time to understand my clients better, people respond well when you show care and empathy.

It’s also about how little parts of our bodies connect to each other, so if your ankle is really tight, it can affect your shoulder, so yes in that sense, the whole body is connected.

It is important to initially work with clients to undertake a movement assessment so that as a personal trainer, I see what the foundations are of the clients body and how they move?

It’s critical to look at the foundations first, and then provide the appropriate range of movement, to support the client. You don’t just straight to lighting heavy weights. It’s about training safe, training hard.

I fully believe that we (as personal trainers) need to keep educating ourselves as individuals and continue undertaking fitness courses over our professional lifetime, because things change, but also you need to be on top of your game. But the other thing is, usually with so many of my clients they will say to me; “I’ve never been told that and I’ve been training for 10 years”. Where they previously trained didn’t teach them how to activate their glutes, or explain what muscles should be working in exercises, or educate them on  how to do movements at home.

I do videos for my clients and this is an opportunity for them to practice in class and at home, because fitness doesn’t stop the moment you leave the studio.

With buddy training, sometimes you’ve got two people doing different things. But with my personal training, the approach is individualised to each person, to ensure goals are met.

The best buddy for personal training? I would say, you just want someone that is fun to hang out with. It is important during Personal Training that a buddy is someone that they connect with for their buddy class, and someone that can help them achieve their goals. Here the goal can be total opposites and as a personal trainer, it’s my role to bring them together.

I love seeing the achievements my clients reach and how through movement, mobility and a focus on the body, my clients can move away from pain and reach levels of fitness and wellbeing they may not have reached without the support of a dedicated personal trainer. For my clients, their goals very much become my goal and to help see a client reach these milestones is ‘freaking awesome’. A client may start with me and their end goal to them may seem almost unachievable, but as we reach the milestones we set along the way and their confidence grows, and they start to realise how incredible their body is, and how their goal is not only achievable but can be exceeded – there is a real sense of personal pride and fulfilment.

My role as a personal trainer is all about delivering with the client, the end goals they wish to achieve. As change is incremental, it is only when we revisit the initial goals setting or movement assessment that the client can truly see and appreciate how far they have come. It is brilliant to remove pain from a body, and a situation that perhaps has been an ailment for years is now a distant memory. I love that.

I love what I do, and Studio 51, has been a labour of love.



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I went to see Nicci on my wife’s recommendation after developing extreme lumbar muscular pain.
As a 38 year old male, this is not something I would normally have made time for, but the results were remarkable.

Within 3 days I was completely pain free. I found Nicci very professional, first localising my pain and then taking me through some targeted stretching.

I strongly recommend seeing Nicci and taking her advice.

Ben Irwin