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Whangarei Personal Trainers: Mikaela Eley

Mikaela was actively engaged in sports growing up. She never turned down an opportunity to be mobile – During her sporting endeavours she encountered an injury which throughout the healing process helped reinforce the need for exercise for not just rehabilitation but for all over body strength, to understand and work with the body. This led her to pursue a career in health and fitness and ultimately join the Studio 51 team.

“I work with the whole body. If your ankle is sore when you do a paticular movement, it could be a different underlying issues that is not just affecting your ankle but could be affecting your whole body. This what drives me to help my clients to work with their body not against it, to help everyone understand their body as a whole through movement.”
Today, she has a Level 5 certificate from the New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness.
Mikaela has also established her Pilates instructor course through BASI, along with Nutrition, holistic health, working with pre and post natal clients and other further education courses.   
“We can only work with what we have”, I want to get people moving their body but in a way that’s safe and effective for them.”

Mikeala is a big believer in finding your why, to help the individual find balance in their body. 

Trust in Mikeala to work closely with you. To learn new ways to move your body, so you can go forward and go beyond your comfort zone.

“It’s about working with what you have, i want to get people moving their body but in a way that’s safe and effective for them.”

Mikeala is a big believer in finding your why, to help the individual find their balance with their body. 

Are you after a personal trainer who is all about figuring how to balance yourself? Mikeala’s philosophy is simple; balance in the body reflects into other parts of your life such as career, relationships, mental health and overall body wellbeing. 

“I love to support clients to find their root cause within [in their body].”

Mikeala is passionate about working with clients of all ages, making sessions fun and engaging for them. She places great emphasis on form and continuous improvement in one’s range of motion.

I have a holistic approach when it comes to training my clients . When my clients come to our sessions its not just going to the gym, I want my clients to feel comfortable in their own body, they are coming to honour their bodies and to move.   

It’s about understanding the whole body.  We are all on our own journey to health, that looks different to everyone. I’m really passionate supporting people through their journey and to help them understand their bodies. It has a lot more to do with just exercise, one’s sleep, stress, and if you look closely, it certainly has to do with everything you do. It’s not just about coming to the gym and exercising and then leaving, there’s so much more when it comes to exercise than being in the gym.  I’m passionate about education and knowledge, working with clients to help them move their bodies in a safe and effective way to make them feel better as a whole.

Client Development:

I like to work with the whole body, there is a lot more to exercise than just moving, its incorporating breath work and understanding their why.  I discuss what goals and success looks like to each individual to them help them work with and support them along their journey. 

I think it really depends on the individual. I like goal setting myself, but I know some clients prefer an alternative approach. I think it’s about working to find out my clients ‘why’. 

I love working with people. “I can’t exercise because I’ve got a bad posture or back pain”. I look at the whole body, what may be causing this pain and work with my clients to support and educate them about how we can get them moving safely.   


I strive to work with the body, for the body. This looks different for every client and may not necessarily be achieving the most reps in the least time but understanding what it is that makes them feel like themself, working with them to achieve their goals and this is what I help achieve within my sessions. 





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I went to see Nicci on my wife’s recommendation after developing extreme lumbar muscular pain.
As a 38 year old male, this is not something I would normally have made time for, but the results were remarkable.

Within 3 days I was completely pain free. I found Nicci very professional, first localising my pain and then taking me through some targeted stretching.

I strongly recommend seeing Nicci and taking her advice.

Ben Irwin