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What to Look for in a Gym or Studio in Whangarei?

If you’ve been thinking about getting fit and staying healthy in Whangarei, whether you’ve never exercised or worked out before, or fitness is already part of your routine; starting at a gym or studio can help you track your progress.


How to Reach your Fitness Goals in Whangarei – Keys to Success!

Getting started on a new fitness regimen can be a considerable challenge for many. There are so many factors involved such as starting with a personalised exercise plan, eating healthy, staying motivated and consistently showing up at your favourite Whangarei personal training studio.

I went to see Nicci on my wife’s recommendation after developing extreme lumbar muscular pain.
As a 38 year old male, this is not something I would normally have made time for, but the results were remarkable.

Within 3 days I was completely pain free. I found Nicci very professional, first localising my pain and then taking me through some targeted stretching.

I strongly recommend seeing Nicci and taking her advice.

Ben Irwin